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By 305productions, Oct 11 2017 08:23AM

Midlands Movies Review

"After sci-fi short Athena, Leicester’s Bearing 305 Productions return with a full feature as filmmakers Sean Brown and Luke Gosling turn their gaze to the horror genre in their brand new release Blood Myth.

With the film now accepted into the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and the Spooky Empire Film Festival in Orlando, the two filmmakers made their movie for under £10,000 whilst it also features a voice cameo from actor Toby Kebbell (Kong Skull Island, Dead Man's Shoes).

The film begins with a night time point-of-view journey into the darkness as a dog barks and we stumble across a man covered in blood. With this spooky set up we cut to the main story where a journalist (Jonathan McClean as James Lincoln) investigates the urban legends of missing people and the emergence of stories about the occult.

As James interviews a number of people, we soon cut to his home life and pregnant girlfriend (Anna Dawson as Harriet Jones) whom he is planning to get away with for their anniversary. A voiceover fills in some background information and the filmmakers begin with a great selection of varied local locations from a car park roof to a barbershop which subsequently becomes important later. Other regional low-budget filmmakers take note – this can hugely assist with production values as the film (mostly) avoids suburban interiors that are often all-too-common in local productions and which helps set this film apart from the crowd.

The film hints upon a clandestine workplace affair from the past which causes friction and it should be noted that the technical side of the film certainly has a professional sheen. From the superb lighting (it moves from brightly lit locales to the ominous darkness of the countryside) to the sound mix, the filmmakers have no trouble handling a multitude of disciplines.

Also, the film appears to give nods to similar horror fare with some Psycho-esque animal taxidermy shots, a “creepy Victorian doll” and red lighting denoting upcoming bloodshed which ensures it wears its influences on its sleeves. When Harriet goes missing one night, her disappearance then leads to the police being called in but any astute viewer would suspect all is not what it seems.

One area of improvement however would be the slightly awkward script. Whether it was an intentional decision by the filmmakers or a nod to the gothic horrors of the past, the dialogue often comes across as if the actors are reading from a novel. Lines such as “until I find evidence of nefarious deeds”, “I suspect foul play” and “I think the findings justify my actions” come across as if the actors are reciting old prose. And unfortunately at times, their performances suffer as a result. It’s going to be difficult to deliver archaic words in what is set up as a realistic modern day setting and so it ends up sounding unnatural.

Nevertheless, as the story progresses into the exploration of the mysterious phenomenon, James’ room gets trashed and he is led to Hannah Chalmers as Alexandra Priest who explains more about the dark rumours circulating as he finds photos of himself on a digital camera.

The filmmakers mix up the pacing throughout which is great but a few trims could have been used in the ‘search’ scenes. An extended sequence where James slowly walks around farm buildings didn’t seem the narrative answer to the disappearance set up. Expecting the protagonist to rush around with a concern for the loss of his loved one, the film instead has him leisurely wandering in a drawn-out set of shots. This subsequently lowers the tension and without any immediacy there is less intrigue and concern for his (and her) plight.

Although a long time coming, as we enter the final scenes we are provided some nasty answers and the film surprises the viewer with some shocking revelations.

With unsettling vibes that hark to rural chillers like The Wicker Man and Kill List, Blood Myth mixes the urban and countryside settings successfully, and adds a splattering of blood and nastiness in its conclusion too. The addition of a few more dramatic scenes during the search would have lifted the slightly saggy middle section but when all is said and done, Blood Myth tackles the familiar but chilling idea of an eerie vanishing. As an intriguing mystery, the film takes a level-headed approach to familiar horror tropes and mixes in its own themes on the inherent unreliability of rumour, gossip and language."

By 305productions, Oct 3 2017 05:57PM

Sacramento Horror Film Festival submission review.

"This is a great example of folk horror, an almost exclusively European subgenre best exemplified by The Wicker Man; this one has a trope American audiences will relate to: The sceptic journalist/ paranormal debunker like John Cusack’s character in 1408. It has a gloomy Sunday afternoon feel that might make it a good matinee; it’s relevant, as folk horror is making a resurgence in the UK. I don’t think it would be a great night-time feature, though, and I wouldn’t choose it over a film that gets a rave recommendation, but it’s a great film, and objectively well done."

By 305productions, Sep 29 2017 08:27PM

We're in! Blood Myth is an Official Selection at the 11th Sacramento Horror Film Festival www.sachorrorfilmfest.com on Friday 29th & Saturday 30th September. Really pleased to have been accepted into our first film festival. We are being screened on Saturday approximately 2pm. Unfortunately we can't attend as we're stuck in the rainy UK, but hope everyone enjoys all our hard work. Good luck to the rest of the great line-up of films.

By 305productions, Aug 24 2017 07:05PM

Blood Myth is COMPLETE!

Nearly 2 years to the day from the start of filming, we have finally finished our debut indie horror feature film. Lots of hard work and perseverance from all involved. We are extremely pleased with the film and can't wait for everyone to watch it. We are now looking for some festival love around the world and distribution.

Huge thank you to every one of the cast and crew that came on board and made our vision a reality. Cast - Jonathan McClean, Anna Dawson, Hannah Chalmers, Matt Ray Brown, Adrian Annis, Charlie McClimens, Neil Summerville, Daniel Thrace, Ian Small, Eva McGillivray, George Nettleton, Tony Goodall, Carol Simmonds, Helen Lewis, Bill Blackwood. Crew - Hamish Saks, Lewis Burton, Zak Jarvis, David Brauns, Liam Gilchrist, Mark Holme, Samuel Mitchell, Luke Sinnick, Linda Dean, Ross Underwood, Kris Tearse, Diane Lewis, Emma Brown, Emily Gosling, Nola Brown, Rosalind Robinson, Madeline Burton.

Special thanks to Toby Kebbell.

Final thank you from us the writers/ directors/ producers Sean Brown & Luke Gosling.

By 305productions, Jul 29 2017 12:04PM

Blood Myth is now listed on IMDb. Our micro-budget indie feature film now feels legit. More content will be added as the project moves towards festivals and release. Please check it out and see the full cast and crew list, of all the extremely hard working people who made our horror movie a reality. Blood Myth IMDb