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Started by SEAN BROWN & LUKE GOSLING in 2012, the two, along with their team bring expertise from film and television production to writing, directing, producing, post-production and marketing.  LUKE entered the film industry as a model maker with a BA in Model Design before turning his hand to writing and directing.  SEAN worked in film and television post-production on a wide range of productions such as Bronson, Life on Mars and The Royle Family.  He recently graduated with an MFA in Filmmaking from The Northern Film School.


Prior to making feature films, Sean & Luke have had success with short films.  ATHENA, a science fiction time loop drama was included in the Official Selection for the Boston Sci Fi Film Festival in 2015.


BLOOD MYTH was the production company's first feature film, made for under £10,000 and featuring a voice cameo from actor Toby Kebbell (Kong Skull Island, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Dead Man's Shoes).  The film was shot over twenty one days.  


The film played at Spooky Empire Film Festival and it is currently being taken to the world film markets.  So far the film has had a theatrical release in Turkey and has been sold to an  American distributor who released the film in early November 2019 on DVD & TVOD.


BEARING  305 PRODUCTIONS   are  currently   developing  a  collection of feature films and television pilots.