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Journalist James Lincoln is trapped between a job he has become disillusioned with and the duty of providing for the imminent arrival of his first child. Assigned to report on witness accounts regarding myths, urban legends and conspiracy theories as a penance, sceptic James is drawn to a centuries old folklore with links to the occult, known as "Thirty".


During his investigation into the "Thirty" disappearances in the rural village of Herg, James’ pregnant fiancée Harriet, who has joined him for the weekend in the Yorkshire Moors, vanishes during the night. James desperately sets about trying to find Harriet and finally uncover the truth behind the sinister folklore, but is met with hostility and suspicion from all those he comes into contact with, leading him down a dangerous road of discovery.


. Independent Horror Movie Awards - Winner

. Spotlight Horror Film Festival - Winner

. Spooky Empire Film Festival

. Sacramento Horror Film Festival

. Miami Independent Film Festival

. Fake Flesh Film Fest

Blood Myth is a horror feature film laced with black humour about a journalist's desperate search for answers into the disappearance of his pregnant fiancée, which has ties to a centuries old sinister folklore surrounding the occult.


It is the debut feature film from writer/ directors Sean Brown and Luke Gosling, who continue their progression with Bearing 305 Productions into the independent film industry.

"When we initially pitched our feature film ideas to one another, within the first sentence of me opening, we discovered that both of us had quite separately envisaged doing a noir thriller revolving around a journalist and the occult."


"As the development process moved forward the film naturally evolved away from the noir tropes and more towards a horror mystery thriller with elements of black humour which better fit our writing and watching sensibilities, with touchstones such as Shallow Grave, Kill List and The X-Files."


"Our working relationship has been built on sharing a love for many of the same Film/ TV influences and points of reference, which has aided in us having a short hand when we are developing ideas and directing."


Luke Gosling - Writer/ Director

"After tackling numerous short films across various genres we decided that we had progressed technically to a level where the natural next step was to make a feature length film."


"We envisaged a film that is chilling and atmospheric, a ghost story in the guise of a horror, which is conceivable enough it puts the audience in the characters shoes to the point it unnerves them."


"Utilising equipment and resources that we had to hand, we set about making a film that was cinematic and as expensive looking as possible."


Sean Brown - Writer/ Director

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